Saturday, June 20, 2009

Song of the week: "Heartbreak World"

Slowly realizing that my days off/shifts off are going to be my only times to post is a quick inspiration and motivation to really get some stuff up here that I have been planning on for a while now. Thus why my last two posts on here have been a video of the week and song of the week, apologies. I even have a album review I want to put up and a interview with an amazing band that's opening for two of my favorite acts all summer, but I'll slow down a bit after this quick post.

Quickly becoming a often played summer radio hit is "Come On Get Higher" by the amazingly, talented Matt Nathanson. A great friend of mine, the great Alecks Zamara has been a huge fan of this guy since her years in university and turned me on to him recently, after I found out he would be opening for Jack's Mannequin in the fall, a tour I definitely plan on going to and one you should plan on going to too! Recently as I said before, one of his singles "Come On Get Higher" has been getting some major play and for good reasons, the lyrics are amazing, his voice is one of the best, and for the girls out there, his looks aren't too hard on the eyes either as superficial as that reason may be! This song isn't my favorite as of now, though my favorite songs change a ton, as any of my good friends and family can tell you, as they make fun of me relentlessly for it. Best example yet? I currently am taking my first listen to the debut album by another favorite of mine, Chester French, and change my favorites as I listen to every new song, right now it's Bebe Buelle if anyone was wondering!

Back to my favorite song and this song of the week though, with "Heartbreak World" off of Matt Nathanson's latest project and album "Some Mad Hope", just released in 2008. It is his first album released by a main record label as he has been independantly producing all of his last several albums before this release. He seems to have never given up on his dream of playing music and is finally getting some more then main stream attention and honor for it, though I don't think he'll ever change who he truly is!

You can find more of this music here and even find him on tour constantly lately, but in particular with the amazing duo Sugarland and Jack's Mannequin this fall among others!

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