Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Band To Be Remembered!

I was sitting down thinking about who my next artist of the week feature would be and listening to a commercial for the new movie My Sister's Keeper when I remembered the great band that is no more, Vega 4. 
I'm still listening to the music and beats of 2/4 parts of the former band, Johnny McDaid who sang lead vocals and Bruce(from New Zealand!) who is now deejaying  as Styrofoam Kid all over the clubs in London. A few things I always loved about this band that I first saw (only about a month before they broke things up!) opening for my personal favorite Augustana in Montreal around November 2006. 
...they are one of the most lively, okay, probably most lively band I have ever seen play a live show. Johnny jumps into the crowd and two steps with several of the fans and jumps around stage like a mad man, but it's something we love.
...he has mad love for Montreal, where he spent about six years of his life trying to make it big and get his big break into the music business. He retells stories of it being a very rough experience in his life, particularly on his winter boots with the salt of Montreal but recounts his love for real Montreal poutine.
...They are literally from all over with one member being from Scotland, one from the UK but a transplant from Ireland(Johnny!), one from Canada and one from New Zealand. Going to one of their shows and hearing all their accents singing together one song is a great experience and was probably part of the charm that these guys put on their fans.
...and last but certainly not least, they have amazing songs, songs that are constantly still being used even though it has been about two years since they said their goodbyes to each other musically. Below is one of my favorite songs by them, Life Is Beautiful, which was even used in movies like Sex Drive and the upcoming "My Sister's Keeper" as major themes, with appearances also on such shows as Grey's Anatomy. Below is a short snippet of the band performing the song actually at the show in Montreal caught while they were bringing sexy back instead of Justin Timberlake who just happened to be playing that same night in Montreal also!: 

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