Monday, June 15, 2009

Here's a quick test, about an amazing group.

Lately, I've been blogging at the spur of the moment,writing a quick post on what comes to mind as most do? No more blogging only certain things on certain days but putting up whatever I want to. And today that is a guess this band feature, as strange and random as it sounds. One of the people in this picture appears once again on this page of the blog, but he's changed a bit in his looks, but not their sound.

They are a classic favorite of mine, and crazy enough, weren't a favorite. I really hadn't even heard of them until they had taken a hiatus from each other but instead, starting listening to their music once I started listening to the man in question, Andrew McMahon once again. See if you can pick him out in the picture. I definetly feell like I'm running back to high school when I listen to anything by this amazing band, Something Corporate. A few things spurred this love interest again with this amazing band, one being that rumors, though they are always flying, are saying that these boys will be going on a tour for nostalgia sometime soon! Mr. or Dr. McMahon to you, see the video below for that, is currently opening for the Fray but soon enough will be headlining his own tour featuring the amazing Matt Nathanson for the fall but hey, maybe we'll be hearing from Something Corporate after that, you never know!

The video is one that really got me into both bands and is amazing.
You'll see, he's never changed no matter what has happened in his life and I love it!:

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