Friday, June 5, 2009

The boys of Chester French!

I've been talking about Maxwell and DA for a while now on here, from featuring them as artist of the week to a video of the growing grassroots movement they are currently riding on. The success that has come for the two puzzle pieces of Chester French is strongly assisted by the work that D.A. and Max have put into the movement. They run their own social sites like twitter (you can find them both @MaxwellCF and @DAChesterFrench), facebook fan page and answer all of their own emails. 
Besides great social media use (it's a pretty sweet trait!), the boys are growing into a huge hit. Since they both graduated from Harvard Class of '07, the boys are quickly becoming a household name. Signing to Star Trak records under the amazingly talented Pharell, they were able to release their first full length, "Love The Future", featuring such hit tracks as She Loves Everybody and Jimmy Choo's. They also dropped a sweet mixtape with Clinton Sparks that had pretty much everyone in hip hop on it, be it Diddy, Jadakiss, Solange Knowles and Janelle Monae just to name a few. 
They also have been pretty much constantly touring since I can even remember, touring with such acts as Common, N.E.R.D., Lady Gaga, The White Tie Affair and Gym Class Heroes. They are even currently on tour in Europe and will be playing tons of dates on the much anticipated Blink 182 this summer featuring such other fellow openers as AAR, Fall out Boy, Weezer and Panic at the disco just to name a few! DA and Maxwell are going to be huge and are quickly taking over the music world. 

A while back, I shot over some not no so normal interview questions and got pretty honest and frank responses with a few surprises thrown in there. These two guys are extremely talented and all their hard work is going to really do well for them:

If you could choose any three acts to tour with, who would they be?
Max: Prince, R. Kelly and Rick James.
DA: Agreed.

What's your favorite treat?
Max: Pretty Grrls.
DA: Agreed.

I know it changes a lot but what is one of your favorite songs to play live?
Max: Of ours? I like playing this one called Not Over You.
DA: Probably Bebe Buell because we get to have a lady on stage.

Who's your celebrity crush?
Max: Mischa Barton, sort of. Not really though.
DA: Michelle Obama.

What is your dream festival to play?
Max: I don't think my life is aspirational enough for this interview.
DA: Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.

Who were your major musical influences growing up?
Max: When was I little I listened to a lot of Motown and Led Zeppelin.
DA: Michael Jackson.


Constantly being on tour, you can find these guys playing a slew of dates right now in the Uk, France, Belgium and Amsterdam before returning back to the states! Which right after they will be coming back to the United States but it seems they are playing a date at the bell center on July 8th!

You can find more of their music here on their myspace
and can find their blog, lyrics and be able to join the Chester French VIP concierge service which is a great perk all on their website at

I reccomend this music for really everyone. It's a great blend of hip hop meets 60's pop meets the Beach Boys. They are a duo that can make anyone start loving their music!

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