Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Warped Tour in Montreal!

A lot of people know or have learned through this site that I have a huge passion for music of any kind. Even my lovely mother gave me the nickname of "music groupie" the other day since I am constantly talking up both new and old artists. I even had a Michael Jackson tribute dance party the other day! (Personal favorite? PYT. What's yours?)

Some of that passion has done pretty well for me as of late, even resulting in press tent access along with some interviews with acts like Lights, The White Tie Affair, VersaEmerge, Underoath, TV/TV among others at the Warped Tour date in Montreal! I will be putting up all the interviews here and any video/pictures I take at the biggest festival in North America but I'd love your guys input on any good questions I could ask at the interviews since I want to spice up the ones I use most often!

Just drop me a comment, line or if you know me in person, just let me know! :)

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