Monday, December 21, 2009

Another album in 2010?

I like to think there is a little something for everybody on here. I don't lean to one "scene" in particular, I just tend to stay a little on the alternative side of the things and one band that is definitely alternative is Metro Station. I won't lie..Control is my jam.
You may hate them and not be able to stand their music, especially with some people thinking the whole time 'Your little sister is Miley Cyrus' but catch the boys live one time and I think you'll be a little more sold.
Electronica is commonly a type of music that seems like it's a bunch of computers doing all the work but treat yourself to a live show from any of the past bands I've worked with for example InnerPartySystem and Breathe Carolina. Their live shows are insane. Metro Station has been proving themselves over the last two years touring relentlessly off of their DEBUT album. It is crazy to think they are only one album in so when I heard that they were about to sit down and start working on their sophomore effort, I thought people were joking. Currently on tour all over the Uk, just coming off a five night stint at the O2 Arena in London, they will be finishing off some dates just in time to start working on the second album. Hopefully it is out by the end of the 2010 or to start off us on a bang for 2011, but they have started playing one of the sure to be on the new album songs "Japanese Girl".
I found the video below on ANTcam which is a video blog series that Metro Station member Anthony Improgo started doing. Check it out below!:

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