Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Maine: The straight boys who make Gabe want to go gay!

Our first interview of the day led us to The Maine tour bus to sit down with Kennedy Brock, one of the two guitarists of the band. They've been on the tips of everyone's tongues lately and it is definitely warranted. Within two and a half years, the group has skyrocketed to the top. They have sold out headlining tours, played Warped Tour multiple times and have grown a fan base that can't ever be disputed.
The Maine is a quintet from Tempe, AZ who have become a very well name in the music circuit. Every second group of girls in line were there for The Maine, not the actual headliner and told us about seeing the group even five or six times (this was our first time around!), which just goes to show how loyal their fans are and why the band is so good to them back! An awesome gift the band is giving back to their fans can be seen in the brand new book coming out "This Is Real Life" that documents their summer on Warped complete with personal pictures and diary entries from the road!

Lots is going on for The Maine now and we covered it all in our interview! The band is also working on their new album to be dropped in 2010 as the follow up to the extremely successful "Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

There are only two more days on this tour. How has it been?
It's been awesome. We've been having a really, really good time. We've been lucky with weather, it hasn't been cold like this. The kids have been great. The best response from the crowd we've had so far so it's been cool.

What's your favorite part
of touring?
Probably just getting to hang out with all these dudes. Um, like all of the guys in our crew are basically best friends from home so it's like one of our group houses just got wheels and moved. It's cool.

If you could pull any three bands on a dream tour, who would they be?
Probably, I'd say like Third Eye Blind, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and The New Radicals.

Wow. What's the craziest thing a fan has ever given to you?
Trying to think of something recent. We get a lot of different stuff. Pat got a pinata once that was like a miniature version of him. It looked like a Build a Bear but it was a pinata.

Who are you personally listening to these days?
I've been really listening to the New Radicals a bunch. And then, let's see what else, probably like the new Third Eye Blind record.

I know you just re-relea
sed 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop' but how has that album been doing?
It's been doing good. We're really happy. It's just continued to keep us on the road which is good (laughs).

How does the band go about the song writing process?
It goes through John's brain and then the rest of us try and I guess gather his thoughts in the songs and he's really good at creating ideas for things. Then Jared will help structure a song or something then we all kind of join in.

I read you're releasing the "This Is Real Life" book from your Warped Tour experiences. How did that project come a
It was just an idea that Pat had actually. It just slowly came together. We were doing journals and stuff on warped everyday. We had a buddy out, this guy Dirk Mai who was taking photos for us. It came out really, really good. We're excited!

What was your favorite memory from W
arped this summer?
I think playing the Arizona date was probably one of my favorite things. It's really cool going to Warped Tour for so many years then being able to play and all your friends are there and stuff. It's really cool!

I know you recently signed to Warner Brothers, but how did you first get signed to Fearless?
You know, they kind of had interest immediately with the band prior to me even being in the band. They had found us through I believe myspace and then when we were in California, a few people from Fearless came out to a show and they talked to us and they basically set up another showcase for us to play for them. It was just kind of a drawn out thing. It took a while to basically be signed to them but it was good!

What was one of the first shows you ever went to?
I think, well some of the early ones were Warped Tour. Trying to think who I saw. I saw the Used and stuff. I went to a Less Than Jake show actually...that was my first show. I'll say that for now.

You've covered two songs now, "I Want To Love You" by Akon and "Pour Some Sugar On Me". If asked, what would you do for the next one?
I believe Pour Some Sugar on Me is going to be on the new one.
And if you could choose any other son
"Rock Me Like a Hurricane".

What's the strangest place you've ever played or recorded in?
Well, today's kind of odd. Being right next to the Patriots stadium. Um, we played at a daycare place kind of in Florida. We played like a daycare room kind of thing. It was like, I don't know how to describe it, other than that. It was an afterschool program.
I think I've heard about the venue.
Yeah it's called the Red Door. It's like a place for kids to hang out after school. They play like dodgeball and random stuff.

If you could collaborate with any other band on
this tour, who would it be and what would your song be about?
Probably with A Rocket To The Moon. Um, I'd say if we had to pick something to write the song about, Garrett would probably choose it and it would be about zombies.

Are there any future music plans we can look forward to?
Nothing planned right now. We're gonna go home after this tour for the holidays and then we're gonna do some writing and stuff and kind of see where that takes us and hopefully do a record sometime next year.

And finally, what's your favorite treat?
I'm a huge fan of spicy nacho doritos!

Thanks again to Kennedy Brock for doing the interview and to Fearless! The book, "This Is Real Life" drops in three days so pick it up for that special warped kid in your family, or for yourself! Touring wise, the boys are playing some arizona hometown shows to round out the year and currently have not announced any new tour dates for 2010, but hopefully they're back on the road soon! You can find their music here on their myspace!

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