Thursday, December 17, 2009


Since I got involved in this silly game of the music business (hey Rooney tried to warn me), new tour announcements/routings/festivals get me incredibly excited. The most important to me? Take a wild guess....


If I hadn't gone to Warped Tour this past summer as in the 2009 festival, I don't think I would have even started working in this industry. I learned some hard lessons going into the festival but all worked out for the better. I befriended some amazing bands since then, and I can't wait to meet some new ones too! I thrive on what Warped Tour is and some day I want to be working on the whole thing in some sense, hopefully doing work for this blog and the music website I work for! But the importance of this post is that the first bands for 2010 get announced today, yes today December 18th!

Well personally, I just want to see Fight Fair on there. I talked to these boys a while back while they were on tour with Breathe Carolina and it was their biggest goal for next year. They are putting up a big tour announcement today so here's hoping it's Warped. I've got my fight fair sunglasses ready boys.

It's a long shot but I'd love love love to see Treaty of Paris back on there!
I'm digging for a repeat tour by TV/TV.
I won't lie, I kind of sort of really dig the Millionaires sometimes. Their songs are just god damn catchy..and I'd love to play dress up for it.
I really want to see some Jack's Mannequin back on it. They have a new album so totally possible.

Bands who will definitely be on it no matter what I think?
The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath (love!), 30H!3 (unless the rumored all time low tour is this summer!).

...and I'm thinking they'll throw in some random hip hop/rapper guy but don't think it will be POS this year even though he's awesome! Check out our interview tomorrow on here!

So really looking forward to the announcement even though the tour doesn't start for six months. Got to get prepped!

xoxo Colleen!
check it all out on!

EDIT: lots going on tomorrow here..a lovely Treaty of Paris announcement and the newest mix from the Moustache Men..get it! it's for a good cause! xo

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