Friday, December 18, 2009

Around the Chicago area? Or anywhere in the country? The boys that make the girls travel to them are about to drop their new EP "Currents" and to celebrate the occasion, they will be holding a cd release party at Metro with several other great acts including The Insecurities, Last Fast Action and the Victory Gins on January 9th!

Treaty of Paris have been around for a while now and dropped their debut album in 2007 "Sweet Dreams Suckers" on Airport Tapes And Records. They stayed on the road endlessly touring with bands like Yellowcard, Jack's Mannequin and The Spill Canvas and playing a million shows all over including Bamboozle and SXSW to their name! The new EP will hopefully bring them back on the road soon but for now get your fix at their show, and if you can't make it, be sure to pick up the new EP 'Currents'. You can preorder it at and Shockhound, but I suggest you head over to SmartPunk for it where you can get a custom treaty of paris shirt with your order. From what I've heard so far of the new tunes, it's a purchase you definitely won't regret!

Also, if you are already a fan of Treaty of Paris and have any related pictures, they will be putting them together as a surprise at the show! You can send them to:!

Check them out on their myspace here and on their website here!

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