Monday, December 28, 2009

There are some people you should be checking out!

Hey there!

There are a few people who I have come across doing the same thing I'm doing which is try to give you the insider view to the music industry, the behind the scenes part of it all, letting you know about what's coming, etcetera. We've interviewed some of the same great bands and I've always enjoyed checking out their interviews too so here we go!

This guy is sick and is currently interviewing some great bands while still attending school. He's interviewed bands like Killswitch Engage, 3OH!3, A Skylit Drive and my personal favorite interview with TAT. You should definitely check him out!

Along with posting interviews with a bunch of great bands, he also is nice enough to videotape live sets of bands like The Devil Wears Prada, BrokeNCYDE and his latest just being posted today A Skylit Drive. We've both had the opportunity to interview those boys multiple times and the set is great! There is also a rumor that he'll be posting another multiple interview artist for the both of us, Breathe Carolina on New Year's Eve! Check out the set now, it's sick!

Annie is a great music journalist out of New York and has interviewed huge acts like Ace Enders and Parachute, who we've both been lucky enough to have a chance to talk to! She covers festivals like SXSW and Jingle Ball so you should definitely check her out! She has always given advice when asked and actually just threw an awesome benefit for TWLOHA, my favorite charitable organization!

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