Monday, December 7, 2009

Part Three of EZ Bronz: Cash Cash!

It seemed a little like deja vu when I sat down with JP Marklouf of Cash Cash at their Worcester date on the EZ Bronz tour. Last time I sat down with him, it was on a tour with the same band Breathe Carolina and his enthusiasm was at the same level.

The thing that was different is that this band has definitely matured and grown up just a little bit more. Their album "Take It To The Floor" has blown up since we last talked and they were already demoing some new songs to record while at home. They have been non stop touring for the last year and couldn't be happier to finally take all those bits and pieces of songs that they have formed and make them into full length songs.

There were many girls there for just Cash Cash and it showed in the great live set they put on that night. Their on stage antics (and light up drums!) were only part of the energy that was in the Palladium that night. The fans were singing along on every song and were really electrified when JP came into the audience during the dance pit.

For the second time around with Jean Paul, we talked about the venues he likes to play most and how their plans have worked out since we talked in September!

How did the DanceRawrDance tour end up going?
Oh, it was really good. You know, we didn't know what to expect, we didn't know too much about Family Force 5 or the other bands on the tour but most of the shows were like sold out or close selling out and it was just awesome, we had a great time. We went out with a big bang in Atlanta, it was cool!

You just started the EZ Bronz tour but you're back on th
e road with Breathe Carolina again.
We were with them all summer too because they were on the Warped Tour with us so its' been super cool.

How has it been so far?
We've never toured before with Stephen Jerzak, Kill Paradise or Fight Fair but it was cool. The first night of the tour, we all stayed at the same hotel, we all rode down, we all just chilled and got to know each other. Now, it's just like, we feel all like brothers.

What's your favorite part of touring?
Just the excitement you know of playing a different state every night, different crowds, different cities. The experience of just traveling and seeing new places, it's just such an awesome experience.

What's your dream venue?
Playing the House of Blues are really fun. Any place that really takes pride in what they do like a lot of times we'll play places where like you can just tell the sound guy doesn't take pride in his job and its' like they're arrogant, they don't want to work with the bands and its' like you'll show up to a place like HOB and they look at you as like a real job. They respect that we're doing this as a living and they make things a lot easier and its' nicer to be around people that are happy to do their job and want to make things work so that's what we love the most.

The band was originally called The Consequence, I know there was a problem with a rapper.
Yeah a legal lawsuit and all that crap but it worked out for the better because you know we changed our name and it kind of just fit the new set we're doing like a new sound and its' just like we were reinventing ourselves anyway.

How did you decide on Cash Cash?
Well the song came first and then like we were trying to think of names, couldn't think of anything else and I was like the rapper just wanted our cash, cash. Let's just name our band Cash Cash. Like we all kind of just look at each other and laughed. We just went with it!

Have you been doing the demoing that you talked about a while ago?
Yeah, we've been doing a little bit. We've been demoing as much as we can on the road but we haven' had much time because its' just so tiring being on the road like after the shows. You just want to go to sleep. The good thing is we're going home for the holidays, we'll be home for half of December, take January off. We're just going to be putting all the little ideas we've had over the last year that we haven't been able to complete, we're gonna complete them. We'll see, maybe an EP or some kind of like singles thing. We'll do maybe a single every year on itunes, downloadable EP, you know. It's all speculation but definitely there's going to be new material, I just don't know exactly what form it's gonna be in but some covers maybe, you know.
What's your favorite song to play live?
Radio, Sugar Rush and Party are all really fun then we've been doing different covers on the tour, its' been really cool.

Your band is part of a huge scene being New Jersey. Are there any bands that you particularly like from it?
There's a band called All Night Dynamite that are friends of ours, they're really good, they're from Jersey. Similar style to what we're doing.

Now this was a fan question from the line. Do you actually speak french?
Um, I took french in high school for four years and I cannot speak a word of it but I somehow passed with like a B average. I just kind of forgot it all, you know. Cheated a lot, our teacher was a sweetheart, wouldn't dare give me a bad grade but my dad speaks french fluently.

The video for 'Party In Your Bedroom' parodies the movie Can't Hardly Wait. Why did you guys choose to do that?
Out of nowhere, it just kind of hit us. We loved the movie and the song's a party song and we don't want to like make it just so literal to that song like you know 'walking down the street' with a girl walking down the street or doing stupid things that just go with the song. There is a vibe that the song portrays. We just put it together and it kind of worked!

The boys just came off a sold out show at Chain Reaction last night and hopefully will be putting up some new material soon! Thanks again Jean Paul and thanks to the Audio Crush girls! You can check out their music on their myspace.

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