Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The imaginations of InnerPartySystem..disco babies and jesus!

Funny how it worked out that when I first met InnerPartySystem, I sat down with the top half of this photograph and when I met them again on the PacSun tour, it was the bottom half.

Jared Piccone and Patrick Nissley are the co founders of the band and Kris Barman and Jesse Cronan finish out the foursome. They just came off the extremely successful PacSun tour that also featured Saosin, Eye Alaska and POS and also worked extremely hard on the Warped Tour. I talked to Jared and Pat pretty early on in the tour in Montreal, which was only about two weeks in, where during the rest of the tour, they got moved up to a bigger stage and had gigantic crowds. "..We got bumped up to a bigger stage which was really cool for us and shit just kind of went crazy' Jesse suggested in our interview regarding this past summer's tour.

Last summer, the boys had also suggested that they would be demoing some tracks and from my time with Kris and Jesse, it became clear that this was very helpful to them. Read on for a little more of how the demoing for their second full length record which should be coming out in 2010. Look for the new winter mixtape they just released, and hopefully a new album soon! I don't know about you but I am pretty stoked for the idea of a new record coming from these guys, their shows are electrifying and the beats get stuck in your head!

How's the tour been going so far for you?
Kris: It's been going... it's been going pretty good. Especially like since you know we've been touring and playing some bigger shows.
Jesse: It's also awesome because we're really good friends with POS and the deejay after the warped tour so it's pretty much like hanging out with your friends all the time.

How did Warped Tour end up going for you?
Jesse: The rest of Warped?
Jesse: Yeah after that we got bumped up to a bigger stage which was really cool for us and shit just kind of went way crazy. The Detroit show was one of the coolest shows we've ever played.
Kris: Yeah definitely. That and Colorado.

Awesome. the last I talked to the other guys you were about to take a few months off to demo some music. Did that happen?
Kris: We did, it did happen. Through that, we realized kind of where we wanted the direction of the band to go. I think, I mean, I'm glad it happened.
Jesse: Yeah, we've got a handful of songs. We're not like so stoked on them but I think it's giving us like an idea of where we want to go. We'll probably end up keeping a couple of them. There are some bands that write like one hundred and fifty songs and only like twelve make it to an album.
That's crazy.

What's your favorite pa
rt of touring?
Jesse: Meeting people.
Kris: Seeing different places.
Jesse: Seeing different cities. Partying with people.
Kris: Just becoming friends with other people on the tour. Like one big family.

Who would be your dream acts to tour with?
Kris: Well, pretty sure Barry Manilow still pulls in tons of people.
Jesse: Blue Moon Group and George Carlin.
Kris: George Carlin sure. He's a funny guy. He had a sharp tongue. Um Daft Punk.
Jesse: Jesus. The Daft Punk version of Jesus.

Is there anything particularly crazy a fan has ever given you?
Jesse: We got a couple flags in Europe.
Kris: People are all about like bringing flags with your name on them. We have a swedish flag in our house somewhere that has IPS written on it.
Jesse: Oh, and that girl in Scotland who drew like a comic book of us.
Like a full fledged comic book?
Kris: It was like a one page thing you know. Each person had their own anime character that looked like them.

How do you go about the song process? Is it one person or more collective?
Kris: In the beginning, Pat already had like four or five songs done before the band even started and he was like 'Hmm, let's play these songs out' and then as everyone got together, it became more of a cohesive thing. Pat still writes most of the lyrics, stuff like that because he obviously has to be comfortable singing them. I think Don't Stop is like the only song we all wrote, like all parts, all together kind of.

You have a really big presence on the internet. How do you think that has affected your success?
Kris: It affected us in a good way...(phone goes off) as you can tell by my happy horn. I think the whole blog world and remix world definitely helped us out. We try to do a bunch of remixes. I think today the internet, all it can do is help you, it's like free marketing. I think Pete Wentz (friends and enemies) even has a cool upstart.
Jesse: Twitter's the jam, it's pretty cool.
Kris: We have a tweet page on our abacus, if you want to do that. Get's like one to two hits a day. That was the first twitter. Actually, the first twitter was probably like the carrier pigeon.
Jesse: Carrier pigeon carrying an abacus.
Kris: That should be a tweet.

If you had to choose one other band on this tour to collaborate with, who would they be and what would the song be about?
Jesse: Funny you say that because we are sharing a van with POS so we're like this (crosses fingers). We're homies and I guess there's talks of some kind of collaboration that we're gonna do so-
Oh cool.
Jesse: I guess that would be the answer but what would the song be about?
I've had people say things like zombies.
Kris: Zombies are overrated.
That was last week.
Kris: Is it twilight/new moon this week?
Yeah it's what The Maine said for doing a song with Rocket To The Moon when I caught up with them and VersaEmerge.
Kris: They all say zombies. How unoriginal. I would say it would be about killer alien babies that Jesus gave birth to. They have one eye.
Jesse: Hermaphrodite jesus and alien disco babies.
Kris: And us and POS are running away from them. It's like a concept album.
I'm ready for this, it needs to happen!
Kris: Then we get in a space ship and fly away. Then we get sucked into a black hole and get sent to an alternate dimension then we're the babies invading the earth. It's gonna be like Ziggy Stardust.
Like the first slayer record.

What was the first show you ever went to?
Kris: The Who.
Jesse:Stone Temple Pilots.
Those are biggies for your first shows. Sierra (Kusterbeck of VersaEmerge)'s was Christina Aguilera.
Kris: I like Christina Aguilera. She has a nice voice, not a bad looking body either if you know what I mean! I kid. No, the Who was actually the first time I smelled weed. I hadn't tasted nachos yet and this dude below me was eating nachos and I thought that's what weed smelled like I was like'oh man, what is in those chips? that smells really weird' and my dad was like '...that's a cigarette'.

Who are some of your bigger musical influences?
Jesse: Um, Nine Inch Nails, stuff like that. Phoenix, I don't know if you've ever heard of them.
Kris: They're awesome. I love their new album. It's like my favorite new album. Their old album is really good too.
Jesse: Death cab for cutie, Chordettes. Just got hip to the Chordettes, it's beautiful. I'm a big fan of really corny r&b too like Usher.
He's your man?
Kris: Do you know if Usher has a girlfriend?
POS: Used to. I don't know if he was married but they were together for like ten years.
Kris: I used to hear he was gay.
POS: But he was with the hottest one in TLC.
Kris: Left eye?
POS: Come on now, Chilli!

Are there any music plans we can look forward to from you guys?
Jesse: New album. New remixes. New set. A different way of performing our songs live.
Kris: Probably some new lighting soon.
Jesse: On another note, we just did a remix for 30 Seconds to Mars.

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