Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You don't even know how happy this just made me.

This just got posted about two minutes ago on Augustana's myspace blog and it makes me incredibly happy. To think that this is easily the album I am most excited for this fall and isn't even included on any AP lists or top ten to look for out drives me crazy. So many bands that I really like and have as personal favorites are releasing new albums this year (Rooney, 3OH!3, Augustana, Jack's Mannequin, Secondhand Serenade,The Audition, etcetera) and many are no where on all these exciting album lists.

Augustana is one of those bands who are still recording their latest effort and here is the blog that just made me as happy as I am now:

yes! we've actually made it to record update #3. this is a big step for us. as of right now we are enjoying the first real break we've had in the last 6 weeks. the majority of the record is done as we take off the holidays anxiously excited to resume for a short bit in the new year. i can't even explain how badly we want the record to be released tomorrow so you all could take it home with you and see what we've been doing this whole time, but sadly these things take tiiiiiiime. we hope it will be worth the wait. now i wish i could post a tune for you all to here, but that'd get me in a lot of trouble, so here are some song titles:

H, U, HW, JSHT, SL, LWD, SB, IOMILY etc. you get the idea. i give extra credit to anyone who can guess what those stand for. haha

now it's time to rep some of our friends who have released stuff recently.

THE CIVIL WARS. joy and john paul are dear friends of ours, and they have gone and made a ridiculously awesome EP called poison and wine. watch the music video for the title track and tell me it's not amazing. i dare you. go on the street and search for dropped quarters if you can't muster up $3.96. www.myspace.com/thecivilwars

WESLEY JENSEN AND THE WILDCATS. once again, the baby bro of the father of our tour diaries (the uncle of our vids) has gone and made a sweet tune. go listen to 'she' at http://www.myspace.com/whiskeyhoundstudios.

SWITCHFOOT. you probably know this already, but our san diego brethren have released a new album that is awesome. check it ouuuuuttttt.

CASTLEDOOR. good friends part san diego, part silverlake have an album called 'shouting at mountains'. trust me and go get it. they are excellent and superb and amazing. http://www.myspace.com/castledoormusic

soon enough, we will have our own new music.

happy holidays


PS. as per usual i'm attaching random photos. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

taken from their official myspace where I suggest you find yourself some of their tunes. this band had one radio single with boston but that was years ago and they have matured incredibly since, have grown up, and realized what is truly important in life!

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