Thursday, December 10, 2009

OP Presents...

Hey folks! As you most likely know, there was a huge tour this fall with Boys Like Girls, Cobra Starship, The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon and VersaEmerge and we got to sit down with three of the bands! Starting today, we'll be posting an interview every day up until Sunday. We want to keep it a secret here at but check back every day, including later today for the newest one!

We got a lot of announcements from the bands that are highly confidential so we had to keep those parts out but just know that this next year, 2010, is going to be a wicked awesome year. For a few hints, within these bands on the tour we have confirmed Warped Tour and Bamboozle appearances, new albums coming out in 2010 and much more!

Now, for a little bit about the actual tour. The OP Presents tour was on the road for approximately two months (I believe even more!) and covered every major part of the United States (and even Toronto!) It featured five pop/punk/rock bands and definitely provided for the dancibility factor in the audience.

The night started off with VersaEmerge who may quite possibly be the one band that doesn't exactly fit into the tour lineup in the good way. Sierra Kusterbeck's extremely powerful voice provides a challenge to those music elitists who like to put music into little boxes and decide that they are just a "wanna be paramore". Like that line hasn't been used before. What about In This Moment and Hey Monday just to name a few? They are a powerhouse who will be blowing up your playlists very soon.

Secondly was A Rocket To The Moon, a local favorite who recently released their debut album "On Your Side" in October and rocked with particular favorites "Give A Damn" and "Like We Used To" to name a few. The lead singer's bright red hair and the guitar player's stint in popular alternative band Brighten tend to bring in a few fans.

Third was the Maine. The popular fearless artist with the boys that the girls tend to fawn all over at every show. Treating the audience to their extremely popularized and yet rockerific cover of "Pour Some Sugar On Me", the boys were on fire even though sickness was among the camp.

Fourth on the stage was the now incredibly famous Cobra Starship who are fresh off their junior release of "Hot Mess" with the hit single "Good Girls Go Bad" still climbing the charts. They put on a amazing live show everytime complete with flashing the fangs and their signature guilty pleasure dance. Last but definitely not least was Boys Like Girls who like always put on an AMAZING hometown show and always pick the sweetest, most awesome venues to do them.

So check in with us to see what interview is posted each day, and look for our coverage of the PacSun tour to start on Monday. I'll be taking the day off to see Rooney, Crash Kings and The Bay State all in Montreal on Sunday while doing some interviews also!

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