Sunday, December 20, 2009

Four Year Strong is a cover band?

Definitely not a cover band but maybe trying it out? Who knows but currently you can find covers of both "Story of A Girl" and "Semi Charmed Life", along with the brand new release of their latest single "It Must Really Suck to be FYS right now"!

I don't know if they are lying about these covers, but they are fabulous and carry around an impressive 600,000 plays each! If you haven't checked out this local Worcester band yet, you can find them at the annual holiday show they play on the 27th of this month with Bane, Therefore I Am (another wonder I love Boston/Woo local bands!), Smartbomb and Beyond City Lights.
They are also jumping on tour with The Bled, This Time Next Year and Title Fight starting on the 14th of January in Philly so catch them when they come around your part of the country and tell them Mix and Mark sent you considering they are my last post of this long long night! xo

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