Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's all about P.O.S. finding the girl of his dreams.. a rave.Not your typical rapper talking about big money and girls, Stef Alexander also known as P.O.S. is definitely one that stands out in the crowd.
We've all seen Eminem, Jay-Z and even Asher Roth try the rap game and they all sadly don't even compare to what has been coming from Stef lately.

I first got the chance to see Stef in his element at Montreal's Warped tour stop during the 2009 tour. We were completely rained out and his manager was nice enough to pull us on side stage for his set. The crowd wasn't the biggest but he rocked them and by the end of the set, the crowd nearly tripled if not more. He may not be the typical warped tour fare but there have been rappers in the past. Warped is made to be something for everybody and P.O.S. does have something for everybody. He has the punk, hip hop melodies and beautifully written words to his music.
As the alternating main support act on the PacSun tour that ended tonight, P.O.S. has definitely drawn out a large portion of the crowd and is making a name for himself even larger that it has been in the past! Check out his input on how warped tour was for him to the story of Doomtree, which he is the co founder of, along with his view of the Minneapolis scene!

What's your favorite part of touring?
I get to play songs for a job. It's the best part about touring. It's like to me the only reason why anybody would ever tour.

How did Warped Tour end up going for you?
Warped was cool. It was really fun. It's always goo to be playing in front of crowds that have no idea what I'm trying to do until after it's half done.

If you could go on a tour with any three acts who would they be?
Any three acts? Mos Def, LP, Mars Volta.

'Never Better' came out a little less then a year ago. How has that been going so far?
People have been catching on to it in ways that I find cool and I appreciate. I don't really think about other people when I make music.
That's not a bad thing.
I put it out and get on the road to tour, people come out and that's all I can ask for really.

How do you go about the songwriting process?
If I feel like writing raps, I write raps. If I reel like making beats, I make beats. If I happen to have a crazy spur of creativity, I will do both but typically I just kind of write down all my beats and raps until it's time to make a record.

If you were to collaborate with any other band, what would the song be about?
If I were to make an awesome song with InnerPartySystem, it might be about meeting the girl of my dreams while at the biggest rave ever.
Kris from IPS:
That's a little different from what we said.
Stef: What did they say?
Kris: Something about celestial Jesus.
Jesse: I tweeted it. Disco alien babies.
Stef: And..meeting the girl of my dreams.

You co founded Doomtree who I believe release your albums hand in hand with Rhymesayers?
Me and a few other guys kind of founded Doomtree and we got it going. We did it because we were solo rappers but we wanted to have an outlet where we could all kind of work together. If I can get a show booked, and someone can get some press and someone knows a lighting guy, you know what I'm saying. We all can kind of contribute to make sure that everything comes out a little bigger and better.

What's the weirdest or craziest thing a fan has ever given you?
Um, the weirdest thing or craziest thing that a fan has ever given me. I got a painting of me on a street sign that they had stolen. Stole a street sign then they made a painting of me on it then gave it to me. That was cool.

Are there any future music plans for kids to look forward to?
I'm gonna make another record next year. That's always good.
Are you going to play any festivals?
There's a chance for Bamboozle, a chance for Coachella.

Minneapolis scene is huge. Where do you fi
nd yourself fitting?
Huge. Well because there are so many bands, it's okay to just do whatever you want. There is no major label around so you just go for it because nobody cares.
With the PacSun tour just ending out where POS was on the road with acts like Saosin, Eye Alaska and InnerPartySystem TONIGHT, POS is still keeping busy. He's slated to play a show with the legendary Bouncing Souls on the 28th in New Jersey and will soon be working on his fourth full length album. Pick up 'Never Better' and let me know what you think of Mr.Stef Alexander!
Thanks again Stef!

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