Monday, December 7, 2009

Demi can rock?

Who would have thought? I just got my official yet MP3 copy of the brand new We The Kings album "Smile Kid" which went on sale today and finished my first full listen of the album and when I got to the second to last track, I found an awesome surprise.

It had been rumored that We The Kings had done a track with Demi Lovato but it just didn't seem to fit their "image". As silly as it seems, I do listen to her music, and really see her as the one "disney kid" who's music I can stand. I try to pretend it's coming out of an older teenager but she just proved herself as a real contender on the song they did together "We'll Be A Dream". She rocks it and her voice mixed with Travis Clark's is pretty much alternative gold. We The Kings have had their turn as a "disney band" these past few months with their video for Heaven Can Wait so I kind of saw something like this coming and was a little disheartened but Demi has proven herself and so far I'm giving the album two big thumbs up.

I have to let the rest of the album sink in a little but I should be posting my review of the album tomorrow. Really looking forward to the tours that came with the sophomore album!

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