Saturday, December 19, 2009

A little something that made me smile..

Listening to itunes on shuffle on this horribly windy( yes the cape hasn't been hit by the snow yet..just heavy heavy winds!), I came across 'You and Me' by Vega4. They are a great no longer together band that I saw opening for Augustana on a tour way back in 2006 and they amicably split ways a few months later. Johnny McDaid, the lead singer of the group, branched off into a solo career but after following his blog relentlessly, he updated maybe every six months but thinking of him again, I decided to take a chance!

A video called Paul Van Dyk featuring Johnny McDaid was posted and it is Johnny singing throughout the whole video but it seems Paul Van Dyk is a deejay. If my facts are off just let me know! I haven't fully researched his latest moves lately but I know this if fabulous and it's great to see Mr. McDaid singing again! I was really heartbroken when they broke up and am still crossing my fingers for a reunion tour but this definitely will do to then!:

Also, after clicking around a bit on his website, have come across two of his tracks "The Sweetest Hurt" and "Stay There" and so far they are amazing. It may partly be because of his gorgeous irish accent but his songs are beautiful. Check everything out on his website:!

The project seems to be a little slow moving but I hope more comes of this. I learned of their greatness way too late and I regret that all the time.

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