Monday, December 21, 2009

Who knew the barbershop had such good music?

Did you grow your moustache for Movember? The Moustache Men have been rocking them all month and they spent their time making their mixtape for November and it's all about the stache. With skits about what people call that little peach fuzz under their nose to what to do with the letter m, the mix is definitely one that's finding a place in people's playlists. Drawing from mainstream hits like "Baby Boy" by Beyonce to "Turn Me On" by Sean Paul, they add their signature edge and make something you can't miss.

Classi Assi, New Money and F.U.N.K., all well known montreal deejays have made a name for themselves in the Montreal scene and beyond.They were on quite a big tour across Canada earlier this year and have stayed active making new sets like HyperColor and the chillin and grillin barbecue series. The latest is Barbershop and you can check it out right here! It starts off with a hilarious skit that includes the moustache growing, it's very mysterious I tell you! It's a great mix of songs from all over the genres and definitely something you should be listening to.

You can catch them all over Montreal during the weekend, but my favorite night of the week is Thursday. You can catch the first two at BlueDog and the latter at Reggie's, the Concordia student bar. Either way make sure you stop by and be prepared to be stuck to the floor.

Barbershop Music: Movember Mixtape by MoustacheMenDJ's

Find the new tracks at and look for a lot more to come from this talented trio!

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