Thursday, December 10, 2009

Artist of the week: A Bird, A Sparrow

We've all seen it. Waiting in line to see some of our already established in our heart bands and kids come up to you with ipods and speakers in the hand. From these experiences, I have heard horrible hip hop trying to be 3oH!3, screamo with no actual ability to tell what they are saying and friendly pop rock beats.

Yes, one I actually enjoyed was A Bird, A Sparrow, a band who's tracks I listened to while in line to cover the latest headlining tour from Breathe Carolina, the EZ Bronz. The sweet trio from Dallas, Texas just came off their "promotional" tour following the Forever The Sickest Kids tour that featured other acts like The Rocket Summer and Sing it Loud and were doing it again with these guys. It's something that takes a lot of spirit and courage and it impressed me, so I asked Steven the bass player in the band for a interview after the show.For on the cuff, I'd say it went pretty well! Read on for their goals for the next little while and how they came up with the name amongst other things!

How's the promotional tour been so far?
We've been on it for two days and it's been great. We've made friends with people everyday and it's been awesome. We've met a lot of cool people.

How did the Cheap date (FTSK) tour go?
Cheap date was awesome. We did really well. The bands were great. We got to know the bands really well, we got close to My Favorite Highway. Hopefully they'll be doing some singing on our new album. It was really cool.

Awesome. What's your favorite part of touring?
Meeting all the people. So many people. It's overwhelming and it's awesome. So many people get to go home, listen to some our music, it's great.

If you could tour with any three bands, who would they be?
I would have to say Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, that would be fun and...Lit! Yes Lit!

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Well, they aren't really music. I'd have to go with my mother, my father, my family. All kinds of band, all kinds of styles.

How did the band get together at first?
It was a five piece band and they lost a guitar player and a bass player. So I tried out for the bass, and I got the gig and that's when we met Phil and we all started playing.

Do you know how they got the name?
From Donnie Darko!

For more from the guys, check them out on myspace and look for their new album soon!

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