Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Smile Kid" We The Kings!

Overall, the album I would say earns a 8/10. I think it's sunk in enough now. Personally, I've stayed a fan of these guys since I caught them in Montreal about a year ago so it has not been too long honestly and I'm going to stay one but this album isn't necessarily perfect in every angle.

There were some really enjoyable moments though. We've all heard 'Heaven Can Wait' so we already knew that was going to be good. I really liked "We'll be a dream" with Demi Lovato. I've already blogged about that song in my excitement last night. Her and Travis's voices together are amazing and something I definitely wasn't expecting.

Another track I really like is "She Takes Me High". It is both the lead off track and one of those songs that I can already picture in my head the band performing. It's high energy and romantic with great lyrics. Just an absolute winner in general.

I think that all these songs already mentioned have some good hit potential. There is one major sour point to this album though. I find that some songs have a repetitive feel but I mean it's a common pitfall and its' not necessarily a pitfall, it's jus twhen you listen to an album track to track, you want a little bit of variety so it doesn't get boring. Most kids don't listen to an album as a whole though, I normally don't at least.

Overall, I really like the album and I'm pumped for the new tours to come with it including the just announced Take Action! line up with them headlining and support coming from Mayday Parade, A Rocket To The Moon and There for Tomorrow! That should be a dynamite tour, see you there!

Pick it up though!

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