Thursday, December 10, 2009

OP Presents: VersaEmerge

They've released EP's, they've gone on loads of tours and yet they still haven't released a full length. The hype that had surrounded VersaEmerge is unbelievable and yet they still seem completely unaffected by it. I first heard of these guys about in the spring of this year when I came across their "Wizards in a Storm" when I was doing my typical research on the bands playing Warped and I knew that they brought something special. Their general enthusiasm for life and for each other can be seen in both their live shows and tour blogs, and it definitely came across in our interview.

On the second to last day of the Love Drunk tour, I had the chance to sit down with Sierra, Devin and Blake, the three current members of the band in the catering room for the tour. Through out our interview, the rest of the tour mates made their way through their meals and we talked about everything from ice cream Mondays to their plans for directly after this tour which they have been waiting to do during the whole last tour cycle.

We talked about a lot of awesome stuff that is coming up for this band, but obviously it could not be included. Look for their updates soon!

How did you come up with the name Versa Emerge?
Blake: I came up with it. In the beginning, it didn't really have too much of a meaning but we kind of started to come up with different things. We thought of it was versa meaning the opposite or change which really lead to it meaning we're change emerging.

It's the second to last day of Love Drunk, how was it?
Sierra: It was pretty much nuts.
Blake:It's the biggest tour we've been on so far as a club tour. It's just like every day, it's the biggest tour we've ever played in so it's a big thing for us.
Sierra: Boys like girls, really all the bigger bands just kind of like took us under their wings. They really like helped us out. It was awesome, it was a very good experience for us as a band.

What's your favorite part about the touring experience?
Devin: I think playing every night, just seeing how the kids react, seeing different places, playing with different groups. Even though it was fun being in a bus for Warped, it's great being in the van, being able to see all the surroundings and being able to get out and just do something crazy.

How was Warped. I saw you guys last i
n Montreal's show.
Sierra: Yeah, Warped Tour was insane. Just like every day was something different and new kids that would probably never take two minutes to listen to your band just because of the way you look and the way you're perceived and they can just walk by the stage and see it and like it. So, you know kids that wouldn't usually listen to us could be exposed.
Blake: The great thing about Warped is that the lineup is so diverse that people will come out to see someone like Boys Like Girls and then come see you. It's another way to draw in kids by having a wider variety of bands.
Devin: Canada was insane. It's always crazy.
Montreal was pure rain. When did you guys play?
Devin:We played after the rain.
Sierra: I actually couldn't find the stage and I was walked around. It stopped raining so I was like "Okay Sierra, I'll go for it". I was walking to the stage and it just starts to completely downpour so by the time I get to the stage I'm soaked.
Devin: We watched it so many kids leave. It was really sad.
Sierra: The kids who stuck around were awesome.
Devin: Yeah soaking wet and they were singing every word. It was awesome.
Kids sliding in mud.
Blake: Yeah we were sliding across the stage. In Boston, the rain was terrible. Loading in and loading out. Not so much fun!

I know Sierra has sang on a Day To Remember song. If you were to collaborate with any band on this tour, who would it be and
what would the song be about?
Sierra: For sure Cobra Starship. I love them, their music's so fun.
So much fun just to dance to and have a good time.
Sierra: Oh my gosh yeah. I got to sing on stage with them and it was just like so much fun. I grew really close to all of them. So, I just love them. I think the song would definitely be about tons of beer.
And Jack Daniels.
Blake: You should write down that all that beer just passed.
For the record.
Sierra: Me and Gabe always sit down and have talks about our futures and careers. He's kind of just like helping me with all of the important stuff so I think it would probably be something about that.

You still have your full length coming out n
ext year. How do you go about the songwriting process since I know you've had EP's before.
Sierra: Yeah and I mean because it's our first full length, the song writing process, we're trying like a hundred different things that we've never done before so its' actually really cool so the songs are all coming out differently.
Blake: It seems like EP's are a little rushed in one way or another. So, it's the first time we've actually had time to like make sure we're doing everything how we want it to be. It's a definitive moment so we're taking it slow because it kind of defines how everyone will see our band musically. We've been writing a lot on tour. Directly after this tour we're going to LA to write.
Sierra: So excited. We've been on tour and we've had all like these little ideas floating around and we just kind of like are grabbing them.
Devin: We're going to track around February or so. Summer release hopefully.

What was one of the first shows you've ever went to?
Sierra: Oh god.The first like concert I went to was actually Christina Aguilera but the first like rock show I went to-
Blake: Christina Aguilera for the record.
Sierra: It was like some random shitty punk band that I went to with my sister.
Blake: Um, Sister Hazel and Incubus.
There are some winners here.
Devin: I actually went to uh this thing called Rock Universe at Universal. It was a bunch of christian bands so I went and saw that.

Whats your favorite treat? Some people thi
nk I say tree.
Blake: Redwood!
Sierra: I love cookies. On this tour, I think I've eaten a cookie everyday. Um, probably for candy...Reese's cups.
Devin: You know, I don't think Blake even knows this, but his mom makes these things called Monster bars.
Sierra: Ohhhhh!
Devin: And honestly, it's the best thing. Can you just say what's in a monster bar?
Blake: Ok! Peanut butter, chocolate chips, m&m's, goodness.
Devin: All in one monster cookie.
Blake: Especially right out of the oven, it's the best thing. It's an explosion of goodness!
Sierra: On this tour, we started Ice Cream Mondays.
Blake: That's just you.
Sierra: Really? Ok, I'm the only one who does it.
Devin: We didn't get the memo.
Sierra: I tweeted it.
Blake: Yeah, we don't get invited.
Sierra: Guys you have to do it. It's really fun. It's very therapeutic.
Blake: Sounds like the recipe to being a fat kid.
Monster cookies and ice cream Mondays.
Sierra: You know sometimes in life, you just need sweets to get by.

You can find their music on their myspace
and be prepared to hear a lot more coming from this band in the near future!

Check back here tomorrow as we post the next interview from the OP tour.. a hometown favorite!

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