Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a day in Music! :)

So much going on today..not even funny!

First off, let's start with the "smallest item" though it's not that small at all. The Audition have just annouced a very short 10 date tour with Every Avenue starting on January 9th going to the 19th. They will be right back on the road with a headlining tour bringing along The Dangerous Summer, Sparks The Rescue, Runner Runner, and The Right Coast in January and February, where I'm hoping they'll be playing a stop in the new england area. You can also catch Danny Stevens alone acoustic at a one off with William Beckett acoustic headlining in Chicago on December 19th.

Second off, you have probably heard about it but recently Jordan, the lead singer of New Found Glory's mother is currently critically ill regarding heart problems and there are problems with the insurance so in support, musicians and fans everywhere are raising money through She has been in the hospital since November 27th and currently only 10 percent of her heart is working on its own. Everyone is donating to the cause really and maybe you can help too! Even a dollar will help!

More New Found Glory related news is that after their current tour with Dashboard Confessional acoustically, they will be jumping on a headlining tour in January/February featuring only one of my favorite all time acts and one I have already interviewed last October with Hanson, Hellogoodbye! Just so happens that I'm listening to their brand new EP now too!

This video explains it all. I am in love and will now switch to all Something Corporate songs. Music, I love you.

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