Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Props to NeverShoutNever!

Who would have thought? All of NeverShoutNever's also known as Christopher Drew's december tour dates have officially sold out. Normally a sold out tour would not make the news waves, but Christopher Drew is a different story. His music has surprised the music industry so much in general and considering he actually has not released a full length album yet (with his first dropping January 26th "What Is Love") is insane.

At 18, it's just him and his guitar taking over the alternative music world. To be perfectly honest with you, I have been hearing about this musician for a long time but never actually took the second to listen and his latest EP has secured a place in my itunes. If you're missing him on his latest slew of dates, he has just announced a two week tour of acoustic dates for the month of January starting in Little Rock, Arkansas and ending in Lawrence, Kansas at the Bottleneck. Seeing how fast he sold out the December dates, I would get right to buying those tickets. He is also rumored to be headlining the AP Ball tour this spring which is huge! I really do think we are all catching something big in the making.

The fad of a boy just doing his thing has really kicked off this year with Stephen Jerzak, NeverShoutNever and Owl City and I don't think it will be stopping any time soon. Congrats Christofer and see you Saturday!

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