Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Going Lohan!"

After reading back through the last month or so on Mix and Mark, I realized that it has been devoid of a lot of the bands that are releasing new albums in 2010 unfortunately. That is about to change!

I couldn't be more excited for what this year is to bring be it the new Young Veins (Ryan Ross's new project) to the new Jack's Mannequin, this year will be nothing but spectacular. One of those bands releasing a new album is From First To Last, a band that has been around for over ten years now. The reason for the sudden out pour of love for someone I actually haven't covered on here before is that they have just announced a few pretty important things. They have announced their official album release date to be March 16th, 2010 and have started to stream their first track to the public on their myspace as of today. The name? "Going Lohan". I'm only one listen in but I really really like it. I'm starting to get more into this "form" of heavy rock. The bands who are in the same vein of Closure in Moscow and Hawthorne Heights.

Going into the next two weeks or so, I'll be spotlighting more artists that are releasing new albums in 2010 and upcoming tours in preparation for the new year.

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