Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The biggest of the EZ Bronz, Breathe Carolina!

EZ Bronz is a term that Breathe Carolina's Kyle Even and David Schmitt have begun to use as a word to let their friends know just to chill and lucky for them it worked out as the perfect title for their current headlining tour. It caught on like mad too including their label mates and close friends A Skylit Drive using the same term!

Breathe Carolina is a electro punk rock band out of Denver, Colorado who have become a Warped main stay and are winning fans everywhere they go these past few years. Since this summer alone where I first caught a bit of the BC live show fever, I have since caught up with and watched the boys play the most recent Family Force 5 headliner, and on their own headlining tour that they are finishing out now, and every time we talk, I realize how deep these boys truly are and their affection for their music and their fans.

When I was at DanceRawrDance, I was able to talk to Kyle Even on the right and about two weeks ago, I sat down with the "other half" of Breathe Carolina, David Schmitt. We talked about how their most recent full length 'Hello Fascination' has been doing and their plans for the first half of 2010 amongst other subjects!

Why EZ Bronz?
It was kind of weird. We kind of all made up this word together like Bronz like that's we what we use for "bro". It's kind of like that. It's our own thing and we would use it anytime some one's acting like out of hand, 'ez bronz', you know what I mean. We figured we'd all act like that one hundred percent of the time on this tour. So, we wanted to call it EZ Bronz because finally its' us, its' our own thing.

How did the DanceRawrDance tour end up doing?
It was awesome. It was great. Family Force 5 are such nice great dudes. It was a really good tour for us, it was a lot of fun!

What's your favorite part of touring?
Really, honestly, it's just like hanging with the fans, meeting new people. Just seeing everything, adventuring out to new places.

I know you collabed on Kill Paradise's new cd and you've done songs with Jeffree Star. Who would be your dream collab?
Probably like Lil Wayne. I think that would be sweet.

How was it working with Jeffree?
We've been good friends with Jeffree for a while so I mean it was fun. We were recording in LA, he lives there so we just called him up randomly, 'yo do you want to come lay down a couple vocals on this'. At first, when we came out he asked us to do a little thing on his cd, and then were were finishing up, we got him to come in.

How did you and Kyle meet?
Me and Kyle met, we both played in random bands like back in Colorado and stuff so we both would see each other once in a while and moved in together kind of randomly. Then I had a couple electronic songs and I asked him to do some vocals on it. So we just kind of escalated from there I guess.

I know you covered "See You Again" for Punk goes Pop. If you were asked to do it again, what song would you want to do?
Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus. Definitely.

Starting out as a supposed myspace band, how do you personally believe the internet has affected your success?
It definitely gives kids an opportunity to hear our band and see like us play live so its' definitely made our band grow. I guess it's pretty much made us everything we all basically. It's all about the Internet.

What do you think are the chances of playing Warped again?
Well, we just got confirmed a couple days ago for the whole thing so chances are we'll be representing. We got our offer a couple weeks ago so it will be announced in the first wave.

Any future music plans we can look forward to before Warped?
We're going to do another headliner tour in February and after that we'll be on tour with Attack Attack at South by Southwest and then I think Warped Tour after that.

How has Hello Fascination been doing?
It's amazing, its' been awesome. When we play our shows, it makes me happy that kids get more stoked on our new songs than our old ones. The progression is progressing so its' doing well!

As you can see the boys are touring like mad in 2010, as are many bands so catch them live when they swing through your town! You can find their music on their myspace.

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