Friday, December 11, 2009

Owl City versus Postal Service sides versus similar acts I do like. Longest blog post title ever.

This story has been talked to death but being me, I do want to shine some light on it. Recently, some people realized that Owl City's "Fireflies" is scarily similar to Postal Service's "Such Great heights". It is undeniable and I'm taking Postal Service's side on this issue. We've all heard fireflies on the radio lately and it's song, vocal chops, are definitely the same as these guys, for the intro of the video. How about you decide who's side to choose on the matter? Are they different or alike? Some people, who clearly do not know a thing about music, have sided with the fact that they are completely different. Your eardrums must be weak.

I'm not saying, considering this could be an extremely tricky statement that could come back to haunt me, but the introduction of Such Great Heights is clearly reminscient (and it came out six years prior) to 'Fireflies'. I do respect Owl City and there are a lot of acts coming out like him that I love like Stephen Jerzak and NeverShoutNever! So take your side! Below are the two videos:

Funny story. You cannot find an embed copy/version of Fireflies ANYWHERE right now. Youtube it!

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  1. oh my word!!! you are preaching to the choir!...I am sorry to say that I have a LOT to say on this one... can i just use this comment box to speak my peace about this whole thing?? (that's what it's for, right?? to blogging) thank you :)
    here's my story: I do believe that Owl City is completely copying The Postal Service's sound (only w/ lame, shitty lyrics and music not near as good) even the lead singers voice is scarily similar to Ben Gibbard's ... please understand that my views on this are going to be very biased (explained below), but i would hope that any true Postal Service fan would be, too.
    getting to the point: (sorry, tangents get the best of me) basically, for me, it is the simple fact that the first time that I heard Postal Service (Such Great Heights release) on KEXP (Seattle's indie station)I was in musicgasm heaven...and then Brand New Colony...aye yaye yaye...instant love...i have held onto that love over all of these years (nearly 7 long ones!!!) and hoped and hoped that Ben Gibbard would take a break from Death Cab for just one more Postal album...after rumors of a new album fizzled I became more and more frustrated and bummed. Then, I hear that damn Owl City song and I was so confused...sounds a bit like Postal Service, but definitely not! Imposter! After giving it some thought, I had to (maybe) give him a little bit of credit for one thing (all based off my own speculation) - perhaps Adam Young shared my (and others') love for The Postal Service and perhaps he was so sick and tired of awaiting a new album that he decided to make music "inspired" by The Postal Service...They do say that copying is the highest form of flattery... but isn't being original so much cooler and more interesting??...
    i don't know...who am I to judge, really? I am just a girl who is VERY passionate about music.
    Thanks for letting me get that all out in writing. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........